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We have created a poll to better explain Microfiber to the public. More importantly, all of your blogs and posts will help us deliver and explain our products and answer any questions or concerns that are out there.

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Nano Power Finish (Green Product)

News BulletinGreen lodging Hotel using Green Product Nano Power Finish

One of our Commercial Accounts is now Green Lodging Certified!

Wingate by Wyndham (Tampa, Florida) Hotel Goes Green with Nano Power Finish ™  as one of their cleaning Products.  

Due to the product’s results in drastically reducing cleaning chemical usage and volume throughout the hotel, Nano Power Finish™ has aided the Wyndham hotel in receiving this important and distinguished Green Certification.

Before becoming designated as a State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection Green Lodging property, hotel management and staff must take in-depth training and implement a multitude of environmentally-sound practices. The other areas of focus for the State of Florida designation are:

  • Communication and Education (Staff, Guests, & the Public)
  • Waste Reduction, Reuse and Recycling
  • Water Conservation
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Transportation

Read more on the Green Lodging Certification Process @ http://www.dep.state.fl.us/

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Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

October 29th-Nov 2nd is Fort Lauderdale’s International Boat Show.

Our exhibit location is Bahia Mar Yatching Center Land #1009. 

Just stop by our booth and see for your self that there is no job too big or too small for Nano Power Finish ™. 


Customer Review:

Power ThreadsNano Power Finish 

We started on some marine electronics;  GPS & Depth Finders.  These are very important accessories for the boater.  The LED screens on these units take a beating  – finger prints, dirt, salt water spray, water marks  –  add some dust that gets attracted.  We cleaned the units that are on display.  Sprayed each with Nano Power Finish.  You could see a big difference in the screens.  Very clean and added brightness.  Finger prints and water marks are easy to just wipe off.We attacked a few trolling motors.  The stainless steel shafts after being coated with the Nano Power Finish looked better & brighter than right out of the box.  You could feel the difference of the trolling motors that got Nano Finish.  We took on a few Stainless Coated Ladders.  The shine after coating the Nano Finish was better than new.  Once again you could tell the ladder was coated by feel and touch.- David Wozniak,Tampa FL 

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The Instyler and Microfiber Hair Turban

I just recently bought the Instyler rotating flat iron.  I was so worried because there were good and bad reviews and everything on TV always looks great.  I put my fears aside and decided it’s time to try something new.  So, I bought it and it was delivered a week later.  After reading the instructions, I started liking it because usually with a flat iron, as you ladies know, your hair has to be completely dry or you burn it.  Well, with the Instyler you hair can be damp.  This was great because I’m saving time right there alone.  As someone who is married and has a full time job, every minute counts.  So I decided to try another new product with the Instlyer and that is the Microfiber Hair Turban.  I got out of my shower, wrapped my hair in my blue Microfiber hair turban and continued washing clothes and putting laundry away.  Once I was done, I just took the microfiber hair turban off and started styling my hair.  It totally worked wonders on my hair.  I have really thick curly hair and always worry about how fast it will frizz or puff up. Both products work wonders together.  Ladies you have to try both products! I have decided to be more positive and  start trying more new products and trying new things.  You really never know how good a product is until you try it for yourself!

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Absorb All Coverup

The Absorb-All Coverup from Power Threads™ Microfiber – CTA Products LLC continues to delight our customers. The absorbent microfiber hooded body cover absorbs all water, sweat and dirt to keep you feeling dry and comfortable. Its open front Poncho design and snap closures for hands-free movement make it convenient and easy-to-use. It is available in one size fits all.

Read More and see what customers are saying http://www.powerthreads.com/product_info.php?products_id=3

Product just went on sale so save more now.

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Why Should We Go Green?

  • Avoid Adverse Health Effects
  • Eliminate Hazardous Waste
  • Preserve the Ecosystem
  • Reduce Smog &  Ozone Depletion
  • Limit Waste

Just started using microfiber cloths and towels instead of paper towels for cleaning.

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Why We Should Go Green

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  • Win up to $1,000.00, PRODUCT VIDEO CONTEST: Limited to first 50 applicants. Email info@ctaproducts.com. New Eco-Friendly Nano Product! 9 years ago
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  • Cleaning the inside of your microwave just became easy & fast.Just dampen your Microfiber Cloth with hot water and begin wiping the interior 9 years ago
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  • Use a damp Microfiber Cloth to dust your furniture surfaces. You can also apply Polish on the Microfiber cloth for a protective shine. 9 years ago