The Instyler and Microfiber Hair Turban

October 7, 2009 at 3:30 pm Leave a comment

I just recently bought the Instyler rotating flat iron.  I was so worried because there were good and bad reviews and everything on TV always looks great.  I put my fears aside and decided it’s time to try something new.  So, I bought it and it was delivered a week later.  After reading the instructions, I started liking it because usually with a flat iron, as you ladies know, your hair has to be completely dry or you burn it.  Well, with the Instyler you hair can be damp.  This was great because I’m saving time right there alone.  As someone who is married and has a full time job, every minute counts.  So I decided to try another new product with the Instlyer and that is the Microfiber Hair Turban.  I got out of my shower, wrapped my hair in my blue Microfiber hair turban and continued washing clothes and putting laundry away.  Once I was done, I just took the microfiber hair turban off and started styling my hair.  It totally worked wonders on my hair.  I have really thick curly hair and always worry about how fast it will frizz or puff up. Both products work wonders together.  Ladies you have to try both products! I have decided to be more positive and  start trying more new products and trying new things.  You really never know how good a product is until you try it for yourself!


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